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Recent Colloquia

Time Coordinate: 3:30 pm 3rd March 2017 (Friday)

Space Coordinate: NTHU General Building II, R521

Speaker: Dr. Pei-Ying Hsieh (ASIAA)

Title: The inflow and outflow in the Galactic center of the Milky Way


Time Coordinate: 2 p.m. 24th Feb. 2017 (Friday)

Space Coordinate: NTHU General Building II, R521

Speaker: Prof. Paul M. Ricker (University of Illinois, USA)

Title: There Is Life after Stellar Middle Age

The discovery of how stars function and evolve counts among the twentiethcentury's greatest scientific achievements. In the twenty-first century the problems that still challenge us are intrinsically multidimensional and multiscale: star formation, supernovae, stellar convection and mass loss, and common envelope evolution, among others. Given the extreme conditions and large spatial and temporal ranges of stellar evolution, our theoretical understanding of this subject rests heavily on numerical simulations containing a mixture of modeling and first-principles calculation. I will discuss the application of these techniques to the evolution of common envelope systems and explain the potential significance of advances in this area for a wide range of astrophysical problems.

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